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In today’s competitive scenario, where there exists marginal difference between products and services offered by companies, the task of acquiring, retaining and growing your customer base is a major challenge.

Organizations should make sure they communicate with the right target audience with the right message to ‘Acquire’ them. Serve them well by addressing their complaints, issues and queries to ‘Retain’ them, and cross sell and up sell effectively to ‘Grow’.

The process starts by creating a central repository of information collected through various customer touch points and making it available to the key stakeholders across the organization. This information can then be used for targeted communication, to offer products and services and quality customer service. Customer Relationship Management software CRM enable companies to follow systematic sales, marketing and customer support processes which in turn help to maximize returns from customer relationships.

WoodApple brings to the table the requisite CRM implementation and integration capabilities that enable our customers to derive maximum value from their customer relationships. The approach towards implementing a CRM solution relies heavily on studying the current Sales, Marketing and Customer support functions, identifying gaps, restructuring the customer facing processes and implementing CRM software that is configured as your unique business model. The capability of our team helps customers to implement key CRM modules of :

Sales Force Automation A module designed to track sales leads, opportunities, sales forecasts and activities of sales teams. The module provides senior management greater control over their sales organization and ensures the availability of key sales related information to the team anytime or as and when they need it. The SFA module of a CRM software also helps companies to define and standardize upon a sales process, this makes sure that the sales team follow a set procedure to approach their customers as defined by the company.

Marketing Campaign Management The campaign management module of a CRM software helps companies identify the right target audience and communicate with them through means of email, phone, fax, social media and other touch points. As the right message gets delivered it results in generating quality leads for the sales team. The campaign management module of a CRM solution enables companies to manage and measure multi-channel campaigns across costs, leads generated and the ROI accrued.

Customer Service and Support The customer service module of CRM software enables customer service teams to centralize customer complaints, issues and queries, and route it through a systematic workflow to ensure complaints and issues are resolved. Key capabilities of a customer service module of CRM software include ticket management, escalation mechanism, knowledge base, computer telephony integration, contract management and customer portal.